How is your Colostrum Processed?


The Processing our Colostrum goes through is minimal. It is first harvested within six hours of the mother cow giving birth to her baby and after the newborn calf gets its share, so it is a true 6-hour Colostrum. Once it is harvested, it is brought to the facility where it is spray-dried at temperatures below 115 degrees, to convert it from a liquid to a dried powder. It is not Pasteurized in advance to the spray drying process. This process produces a product free of moisture, giving it a very long shelf-life, as long as it is kept in a cool and dark place, free of direct sunlight and excessive heat.

This low heat spray-drying method is the most beneficial technique for keeping all of the beneficial bacteria, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in tact. Less then 1% of nutrients are lost during the drying process due to the low temperatures it is exposed to. This process has actually been known to increase the bioavaility of the product. The spray drying method is called "flash-pasteurization", though the process does not have the same effects on the product as regular pasteurization does, in that the nutrients are not destroyed by the low heat used to dry it.

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