Our Dual Extraction Method


We use the dual extract method in extracting the mushrooms. The mark to menstruum ratio (1:1) refers to the strength of the tincture and does not focus on any active fraction of the herb itself i.e. the polysaccharide fraction, which can vary from batch to batch based on the quality of the raw material. We do not standardize or extracts as in the case of where companies highly process the raw material to attain a standardized ratio for example a 25% polysaccharide concentration.

The 1:1 is a laboratory standard which refers to how much material is used in a batch and affects how much reishi is contained per dose.

1:1 means that there is 1g of herb in 1 ml of solvent (liquid) so in a 50ml bottle of reishi, there is 50g of reishi per bottle. The ratios of the different bio-actives in the tincture very from batch to batch but the quantity of how much reishi is in the finished product remains constant.

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