Rewards Program

Re-Wild Rewards Re-Wild Rewards is our new platform to reward you, our loyal follower, for your help in developing the SurThrival Culture. Not a brand, but a way of living life on the leading edge of Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and the Re-Evolution to our Human Roots! Re-Wild Rewards is the place where your loyalty earns you points to use toward future SurThrival purchases! We will of course still be offering our regular promotions, discounts, and coupons, just as we always have, but this is just a little extra from us to you! ;) Be sure to stay connected, as we will be unveiling different features and ways for you to earn points to use toward purchases, like referring friends, order milestones, and leaving your product reviews and feedback on social media platforms. To begin, we will be awarding points on all purchases, and what’s even better, is that your points can be redeemed along with our coupons, saving you a little bit extra every time! $1 spent = 1 Re-Wild Reward Point earned! Re-Wild Rewards Referrals: Want to earn some extra points? Refer the people you know to SurThrival and you will! Actually, you receive 100% of the points they do when they create an account and make a purchase! A pretty good deal right? To access your unique referral link go to: My Account > My Referrals. Here you can share your link publicly, or copy and paste your link to share privately. Your referral code will automatically be entered into the signup form when your referral signs up. Remember, for you to earn points, your referral needs to earn points, so they need to sign-up! We hope you find this Re-wild Rewards feature as exciting as we do!